Bug reports

Experiencing strangeness on the site? Please let us know. Web sites work differently across various platforms (an important consideration for any bloggers and web-portfolio-builders out there). Browser compatibility sites can offer a glimpse, but nothing beats direct feedback about functionality. So give us a shout.

But first, make sure your internet browser is up to date (that tends to solve about 70% of the gremlin issues, especially the ones that strike only one person, rather than the whole group). Also – as a temporary patch – you might try logging in from a different browser, switching from Firefox to Chrome, for example.

To aid Mike, please take a minute to tell us what operating system and browser version you're on (directions here for PC and Mac).

Also, we'd love to hear any suggestions for improving the site. We're working on improvements like forum threads displaying photos and social-media integration that would let you invite friends into the classroom's "parlor" to peek at your work and even comment. But before we get fancy, we need to dial in all the basics. Hearing what students need, want and dream about helps immensely, as we prioritize the development work.