Interacting on the site

In Forums, you can create a new topic for discussion. Please try this first technique for your biography in the Who’s Who thread.

  1. In all Forums (the big folder) or specific ones (Admin, Who’s Who, etc), a blue link should show at the top left of the page: “Post a new forum topic”. That sounds dramatic, but really it just creates a post. People can then comment upon it. Think of it like posting a status on Facebook…
  2. Don’t be scared. You can’t break this system. And there’s always a ginormous “Edit” tab that allows you to delete mistakes (top left).
  3. Click the “post a new forum topic” link.
  4. On the new page, submit a subject. Specific details help others navigate the classroom and engage with your material best.
  5. Pick a folder to house the conversation (the dropdown menu)
  6. Paste your text the ”body” field.
  7. Make sure you always hit the “save” button at the bottom of the page.

On an existing post, you can chime into the conversation.

  1. Click the “add a comment” link at the bottom right of a post or another person’s comment. If you can’t see this, try first making your browser full-screen or scrolling horizontally. Should that not click, you may want to upgrade your browser version – an old one could be cranky with this new system…
  2. Enter a subject on the new page. Again, specifics are good.
  3. Radio buttons control whether you see all chat or just comments directed at you. Make a selection.
  4. Hit the SAVE button.