Site user manual

Navigating the classroom site

For the web-intuitive, it may be easier just to nose around. But here's a quick, visual reference, just in case.

  2. My Classes
  3. Classroom Home
  4. Sidebar
  5. Return to go,
    don't collect $200
    (aka breadcrumb navigation)
  6. Forums
  7. Creating a Forum post
  8. Filing material in the right spot
  9. Text vs. Html submissions
  10. Editing a Forum post
  12. Replying to someone's comment
  13. Editing or deleting your comment
  14. Edit your profile, photo & notifications
  15. Uploading a photo



  • Enter user name/email and password

The public page – our cyber front-stoop – contains the user login panel (top right). On most systems, you can keychain the username and password, bypassing this step altogether most days.

Public Page



  • Click the link for the classroom you want.

Info: Once you’re logged in, a page shows links to your workshops. We’ll archive each classroom for at least six months, so you may see links to previous courses there. Nonetheless, please remember to archive any especially important pages. “Save As” creates a stashed web page in most browsers.

We also recommend writing offline, then cutting and pasting into the system. Not only does that prevent tech-fail sadness, but it keeps an archive of your work on your machine. That’s good insurance!



  • View lecture previews
  • Click your name to edit your profile
  • Navigate back to the Home ("My Classes") page

Home Page

You can also:

  • View deadlines and click for details
  • Click the top left tab to enter the Forums, and interact with students and teachers

Home Page 2


The righthand sidebar also includes navigation links, recent comments and active forum topics

  • Explore the classroom and the newest material posted to it




Converse with your teachers and classmates via the bulletin boards. Access these via the top left "Forum" tab on any page. Here you can

  • View tips and announcements on the Administration Forum
  • Create a new Forum topic to post your bio
  • Create a new Forum topic to post assignments
  • Create a new Forum topic to ask questions, start a discussion, offer mawkish praise, etc.
  • Navigate back to the home and My Classes pages, using the breadcrumb links at the top left


If you click "Post a New Forum Topic", the create page pops up. Here you can:

  • Use the dropdown menu to select what "folder" to post in
  • Write a nifty, precise subject to help users track conversations smoothly
  • Do simple formatting – bold, italics, links – via the Rich-Text buttons.

How to post a new forum topic

If you would prefer to submit html code, disable Rich-text (the link under the "body" section).

Posting with html

Either way, always scroll to the page bottom and click SAVE.



  • Revise a forum post by clicking the grey top left tab.

Editing a post

Students can not delete a post. But we're happy to do it for you! Message your lead instructor or just change the subject to "ooops - please delete me".



  • Chat or ask a question about a post

A comment is part of a conversation. To participate, click the link at the bottom of the page. If you've minimized your browser, you may need to scroll to see it.



  • Click reply to respond to a specific person
  • Make changes using the delete and edit buttons.

Replying to comments



  1. Click "logged on as <your name> on the main classroom page). This takes you directly to an account detail page, where you can edit your username, avatar, time zone, web notifications and other goodies.
  2. Scroll to the Picture section. Before the first upload, it looks like this:

    Afterwards, it'll look like this:

  3. Browse to locate the avatar on your computer, then upload.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit SAVE.